2013 – Onwards and Upwards!

From our whitest of white Christmas’s last year to a very different Christmas this year, we both enjoyed our first break away from each other in over 2 years!  Jonesy headed over to NZ with his girlfriend Lauren, for some tramping in the Southern alps then across to New Caledonia for some tropical R&R (including an un-intentional visit by Cyclone Freda). Cas stayed at home in the Blue Mountains with his wife Mia and new son Jack. In between changing diapers and cradling his little man, he managed to sneak out most days for a cheeky climb and/or trail run.

In 2013, aside from our corporate speaking (which is continuing to keep us ridiculously busy), we have a NEW adventure business we’re launching mid-year and another super exciting opportunity in the USA that we’re bursting to tell you guys about. Keep checking back for more details soon! A question we ALWAYS get asked is “what’s your next big trip?” Our last 2 big expeditions (Crossing the Ice & Crossing the Ditch) took close to 5 years to put each together. These expeditions are 99% planning and only 1%  execution,  and require an enormous level of commitment (and absolute focus) that also takes years to recover from. We have some BIG trips planned for the future – it’s who we are and what we do – but in 2013 the adventures we undertake are on a smaller scale: Cas is going to be going hard at his climbing, and Jonesy is going to hit up a couple of ultra marathons.

We’re both fully charged, psyched and looking forward to sharing our big year ahead.

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