733 km to Hercules Inlet.

At day 72 of the expedition, Cas and Jonesy have now skied over 1,560 km in total with another 733 km to go. They have only 18 days before the last flight of the season out of Antarctica. They are currently at 1791 m and even though their general direction is down, they still experience uphill parts of the journey. Needles to say, the uphill parts are somewhat disheartening!

Cas and Jonesy set a new personal best record yesterday – skied 43 km in just over 11 hours! “A long day, but it’s amazing the difference it makes when the wind is behind you!” Jonesy said.

The weather has been very good over the last few days with today actually feeling very warm for them (minus 10 degrees). Cas has developed a rash on the bottom of his foot that he thinks was due to the heat – tomorrow he’ll remove one layer of socks.

Both Cas and Jonesy are experiencing pain in their toes. This is something that they don’t think will improve for the rest of the journey – rather they will just have to suck it up.
Help Cas and Jonesy get back to Hercules Inlet by showing support for You Can. They aim to raise $100,000 and need your help to get there! You can sponsor a step at http://donate.sonyfoundation.org.au/casandjonesy.
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