Life’s one big crazy adventure…

You don’t have to paddle across an ocean, climb Everest or take a stroll to the South Pole. Adventure is a way of life no matter the destination. You can make it happen anywhere, and at anytime. So why not now?

You’ll find in the “Expeditions” tab a whole bunch of info on big expeditions we’ve experienced and are currently working on. In the “webisodes” section, every coupla weeks we’ll be constantly uploading video’s that will allow you to LIVE our next big expedition- Crossing the Ice. Every now and then we’ll be throwing out ideas for you to have your own adventure – anything from urban challenges to epic expeditions.

But it’s not all about what we’re doing. We want to hear about your adventures. And if you want, give us some ideas of what you’d like to see.

Have fun out there you crazy cats!

About Cas and Jonesy

We’re two Aussie mates that have made adventure our lives. We’ve kayaked a few oceans, climbed mountains and hit dirt tracks all round the world. We’ve been mates since we were kids in high school and have been lucky to have shared heaps of incredible experiences in the outdoors together.

What does Jonesy think of Cas?

Cas is a highly motivated, self confessed outdoor junkie. His major passion in life is his climbing and if he’s not off training for another epic adventure, he’s pretty much guaranteed to be found up in the mountains. He also has a ridiculous head of hair.

What does Cas think of Jonesy?

Jonesy on the other hand is a more laid back character. His passion is to enjoy life, the outdoors, and cram as many experiences possible into the short time that we all have on this planet. Getting out and about gives him the means to live life to the fullest.

We make a pretty good pairing when on adventures. If Cas is the the wind that pushes the boat, then Jonesy is the keel that keeps it on track!

Despite all this we believe life can’t be taken to seriously…there is too much fun to be had!

Here’s a few expeditions we’ve been lucky enough to share together:

  • 2007/08- World first unsupported kayak from Australia to New Zealand (3318km over 62 days)
  • 2001/02-First expedition to paddle the entire length of Australia’s longest river (2560km 49 days)
  • 2006- Bass Straight crossing in a double kayak (350km 9 days)
  • 2002- 2009: 5 Mountaineering seasons in New Zealand. Summits include: Mt Cook, Mt Aspiring, Malte Brun.
  • 2004- 3 day ascent of The Nose (El Capitan)- Yosemite National Park USA
  • 2009- Attempt to climb Mt McKinley (highest mountain North America)
  • 2010- Mt Kilimanjaro summit