Another 2 festival wins!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks. Our Film, Crossing the Ice, has been awarded the GRAND PRIZE in the 2013 Vancouver Mountain Film Festival and has has won the ‘Best Feature Film – Gold Award’, ‘Grand Prize – Silver Award’, ‘Spirit Of Adventure – Bronze Award’ at the ShAFF 2013.

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival screened more than 75 of the best adventure, travel and extreme sports films hand-picked for you from around the world. Screened over one weekend at the art deco Showroom Cinema in Sheffield UK’s biggest independent cinema outside London, voted the region’s best cultural venue. They also run talks and lectures on epic climbs, runs and rides by world-class adventurers.

CLICK HERE to watch the ShAFF video trailer.

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is a 9-day event in Vancouver in with live presentations, films, photography, live music, and international film and photo competitions. Additionally, VIMFF travels to about 30 communities with the Best of the Fest Tour, and runs additional shows at the Fall Speaker Series in North Vancouver. The combined Festival events now attract more than 20,000 viewers each year in North Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and the rest of Canada. VIMFF is unique to North Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada, with the Banff Mountain Film Festival being the only other festival in Canada comparable in size and reputation.

CLICK HERE to watch the VIMFF trailer and an interview with Jonesy HERE!

What a shame we weren’t able to make these festivals in Canada & the UK!

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