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Cas and Jonesy are both humbled and honored to have had two Sydney artists paint portraits of them individually for the 2013 Archibold.  The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious art prizes. It’s awarded to the best portrait painting, preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters, science or politics.
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The artist that painted Cas’ portrait, Mark Roper, had the following to say:
The idea of making your dreams become reality was my main inspiration. Within the painting there are a number of messages:

The first is about vulnerability.
It’s about someone who embodies ‘the adventure man spirit’ in the flesh and who is brave enough to realise and pursue their true calling.

But it also questions the risks involved and associated with such a choice. Cas has recently become a Dad, and I wanted to show that having a young family can influence your life choices. It shows that every decision we make can have multiple consequences on ourselves and others.

It’s also about the commercialisation of the dream and the creation of a brand to keep that dream alive.
Sometimes the creation of ‘the brand’ can be a double edged sword taking you away from the action that you so enjoy.


In the relentless pursuit of happiness in today’s world we are increasingly faced with having to make choices that relate to our happiness and this is something we can all relate to.
The artist that painted Jonesy’ portrait, Graeme Gates, had the following to say:
I wanted to paint someone who meant something to me. The subject needed to have given me inspiration. After following Cas and Jonesy’s ‘Crossing the Ice’ adventure I knew it had to be Jonesy.
It’s been amazing how everything has fallen into place around the painting, and I have really enjoyed doing it. Of course it’s taken a number of hours but it’s been such an enjoyable process all the way from the first line, watching it grow and evolving through feedback.
To me it’s the simple things about the painting which I love – the jacket, the worn patches, the zipper. One of the biggest challenges was the ice – I never knew that there were so many types and getting this right was a fantastic learning curve.
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One comment on “Archibald portraits

  • Mark Roper says:

    Nice one Graeme!
    We’re going head to head!
    Best of luck.
    I hope we both make it on the wall.

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