Australian Tour HUGE Success!

We’ve toured round Australia’s major capital cities over the past month sharing our stories from Antarctica and launching Extreme South (our book) & DVD. The venues have been packed (in Sydney we had just over 800, all up about 1,600 people), it’s been incredibly rewarding to receive a number of standing ovations! The media schedule with the launch has been equally as hectic, with some great interviews with Adam Spencer (702 ABC), Andrew Moore (2GB), ABC Radio National, Radio 4BC Brisbane, MMM, Good Weekend & Sunday Magazine to name a few!

Our bodies are still recovering from the expedition and the last month has been just as tiring as the expedition its self (well, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the drift). Now that the tour is over and our book & DVD have been released we’ve got a pretty full schedule to the end of the year with Corporate Speaking Engagements round the country (and a couple o/s). Before Cas’ baby comes (late Nov) we’re hoping to find some time to get back out into the bush and fingers crossed, find some time to head out for a cross-country ski down in the Aussie Alps.

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