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On the ice Cas

Since leaving the Pole….

Day 68. Since turning around at the pole Cas and Jonesy have been skiing between 37 and 40 km a day. A total of 1, 386km since the beginning of the journey. They have come down in elevation from 2,835 m at the pole to 2,514 m at their current campsite. The terrain is undulating […]

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EP 36: Cas and Jonesy’s daily routine

This is what Cas and Jonesy do everyday. Once the structure of the tent is up, Cas unpacks the sleds and then jumps inside to start cooking. Jonesy stays outside securing the sleds and then cuts snow blocks

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EP 35: Cas and Jonesy at the South Pole

Cas and Jonesy say hi from the South Pole.

Arrival at SP pic

The South Pole!

After 62 days, Cas and Jonesy have made it to the South Pole. They are about 10 days behind schedule so they will need to ski for longer days on the return leg of the journey to get back to Hercules Inlet. The last flight of the season leaves Antarctica on 27 January 2012, so […]


Cas and Jonesy Podcast – the South Pole!

The South Pole! What a way to finish the year!


Cas and Jonesy Podcast – Christmas time at the South Pole

Jonesy swaps gifts with Cas and they both enjoy a few comforts from home.

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EP 34: Christmas Day

Cas and Jonesy spend Christmas day close to the South Pole – a long way from the comforts of the Aussie BBQ, backyard cricket and loved ones.


Podcast – Day 33 and the Weather is Fine

Conditions are perfect for a stroll to the South Pole

Cas and Jonesy profile

So close to the Pole!

With only 74 km to go to the Pole, it’s hard for Cas and Jonesy to contain their excitement. If all goes well (i.e. weather, injuries etc.), the guys should reach the South Pole in 2 – 3 days. They are currently at an elevation of 2764m – a long way from their starting elevation […]

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EP 33: Time to change undies

Cas and Jonesy do some washing.


EP 32: Arrival at Hercules Inlet

From the beginning – watch Cas and Jonesy arrive at Hercules Inlet.


EP 31: New thermal day

After 7 weeks, Cas and Jonesy change their thermal shirts.

On the ice Cas

It’s almost Christmas…

This week Cas and Jonesy picked up the pace to ski almost 200 km over the last 7 days (compared to 170 km the previous week). They are currently at an elevation of 2,532m – compared to 1742m a week ago.  The temperature has been getting colder due to the climb in elevation and now […]

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EP 30: Centenary Cache

Cas talks about their cache located at 86 degrees.

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EP 29: Missing food

Cas and Jonesy had a delayed start to the journey when their food was not unloaded from the plane in Antarctica.

On the ice

Channel 7 news update

Channel 7 give an update of Cas and Jonesy’s progress.