Greg Quail of Quail Television (producer) and Jonesy (producer/director). Image courtesy of The Banff Centre.

We are absolutely stoked (and humbled) to announce that our documentary Crossing the Ice has won 3 awards at the Banff Moutain Film Festival 2012; the Adventure & Exploration category, the People’s Choice and the GRAND PRIZE!!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the most prestigious global outdoor film festival in the world. We have grown up being inspired and blown away by past films that have won the festival and have always had a distant dream that we could one day just enter a film in this festival. To win, is the realisation of a dream beyond our imagination. In 2010, our documentary 62 Days at Sea was a category winner.

Capturing our 89 day journey in Antarctica on film was one of our major personal goals when we were down south. We passionately love sharing our expeditions with the public. With no film crew, limited time (every moment we were filming and not hauling was reducing our chances of success in Antarctica) and filming in the cold was an absolute mission to say the least! Some days we really questioned whether it was worth but now we reflect on the footage and are super proud of what we shot.

A massive thank you to all involved in putting the documentary together. Although we’d like to thank everybody involved, we’d like to make special mention to Greg Quail: for believing in us, Dougie for pulling the story out of the footage… and of course Aleks Gamme for not only sharing his footage for our doco, but for being such an integral part of the story. Thank you.

What a great end to 2012!

Cas and Jonesy


Thoughts from the Jury

“We found the humour and humanity in the face of incredible adversity an important element in this film. What could have become a competition, evolved into a greater example of camaraderie and friendship — reflecting the true spirit of the Banff Mountain Festival. ”

— 2012 Jury member Tommy Heinrich


“The category for Best Film on Exploration and Adventure had plenty of excellent contenders, but there was one film that shone above the rest. Crossing the Ice encapsulates the true spirit of adventure that this award was designed to embrace. This is a film with perfect story telling featuring incredible characters — a ‘bro-mance’. It’s a story that conveyed unbridled enthusiasm, humour, and heartbreak created by the filmmakers and the loveable lunatics who walked unaided across Antarctica to the South Pole and back.”

— 2012 Jury member Dale Templar


5 comments on “BANFF WINNERS!

  • Pat Gioannini says:

    My wife and I were at the Banff film festival on the B program so we did not see this film until the last day. While not watching films we discussed which film we would vote for, neither seeing a clear winner. That is until we saw “Crossing the Ice” which is far superior to all the other films at the festival. The film is absolutely fantastic!

    We loved the story, two good hearted friends having an epic adventure. We loved their enthusiasm and spirit. But we also loved the fact that the filming was done by the two themselves without support of a film crew, helicopter, recreation.

  • Frida says:

    Dear Jonesy, I hope you remember me after the wonderful (and crazy) party we enjoyed in Banff after your terrific night receiving 3 awards!!!! Did you hear my shouts in your recorder machine in the ceremony (listen again Bravo!!! Bravo!!! with spanish/venezuelan accent)
    I wished I could say good bye to you but I did not see you any more…I am still in Banff by the way!
    Best wishes for you and Cas!!!
    Hope to see again…at least we will have your film in the Wrold Tour in Venezuela…which will be fantastic!

  • Pat Morrow says:

    Hi guys,

    congrats not just on bringing a great film to Banff, but for the staggeringly successful implications of your ice walk achievement. I was one of the founding members of Adventure Network International in 1984, and was involved in the logistical details of getting explorers and adventurers (including myself) to and fro for several seasons in the 80s. Thus, i know how significant your accomplishment was. I took some pics of you on stage in Banff, and with the jury – if you’re interested i can send them.

    cheers, Pat Morrow

  • Julie Westbrook says:

    You hit it out of the park for sure. Absolutely stunning. But please don’t think you have to try and kill yourselves for an audience in the future. You two are amazing no matter what!

  • Simon McElroy says:

    Hey Fellas
    You just won the Grand Prize at Kendal for your über-adventure film Crossing the Ice. Big congrats! What’s next?

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