Crossing The Ice

Arrival at SP pic

Cas and Jonesy have done it!

Cas and Jonesy invite you to celebrate their world first return South Pole expedition with them this Thursday night. Please RSVP to Kate – details below.

Hope to see you there!

Channel 7 news

Channel 7 News – Arrival in Sydney

Cas and Jonesy are greeted by a warm crowd at Sydney International Airport after their epic 89 day world first Antarctic expedition.


Cas and Jonesy are Sydney bound

The plane has departed Chile and Cas and Jonesy are currently in transit in Argentina. They are so excited to get home!! They are scheduled to arrive in Australia this Sunday (5 Feb) at 7.40 am at Sydney International airport (Terminal 1). They are flying LAN airlines, flight LA 801. If you’re around, come down […]

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EP 40: Update from Union Glacier

After 89 days, Cas and Jonesy accomplished their mission – to be the first people to ski unsupported from the South Pole and back. Now they are just waiting at Union Glacier to come home.

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Podcast – Home coming!

It’s time to celebrate with a real meal, a shower and a wedding!

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Waiting at Union Glacier

Waiting at Union Glacier The last flight out of Antarctica for the season has been delayed until the 31st (at this stage). We are currently staying at the camp at Union Glacier and it’s been great (but sometimes a little overwhelming) to be around civilisation again. There are amenities, a huge mess tent, snowmobiles and […]

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EP 39: Cas and Jonesy pair up with The North Face

To survive the harsh elements of Antarctica, the guys needed quality, reliable, gear. The North Face partnered up with Cas and Jonesy for this world first expedition supplying them with their clothing and sleeping needs, and have been a key partner for their expedition.


Cas and Jonesy Podcast – The final week

The boys are doing it tough – their bodies are failing them and their food rations are low… But it’s the last stretch of 250km and they are determined!

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Cas and Jonesy Podcast – 500 KM to go!

Cas and Jonesy return to the Centenary Cache and prepare for the last 500km of their journey.

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EP 38: Day 70 update

After 70 days on the ice, Cas and Jonesy are feeling hungry, tired and under pressure to get back to Hercules Inlet before the final flight of the season.

On the ice 14

733 km to Hercules Inlet.

At day 72 of the expedition, Cas and Jonesy have now skied over 1,560 km in total with another 733 km to go. They have only 18 days before the last flight of the season out of Antarctica. They are currently at 1791 m and even though their general direction is down, they still experience […]

On the ice - profile

EP 37: Leaving Hercules Inlet

Step back in time and watch Cas and Jonesy’s first day on the Ice. The guys jump off the Twin Otter and commence their journey that has been almost 3 years in the making.

On the ice Cas

Since leaving the Pole….

Day 68. Since turning around at the pole Cas and Jonesy have been skiing between 37 and 40 km a day. A total of 1, 386km since the beginning of the journey. They have come down in elevation from 2,835 m at the pole to 2,514 m at their current campsite. The terrain is undulating […]

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EP 36: Cas and Jonesy’s daily routine

This is what Cas and Jonesy do everyday. Once the structure of the tent is up, Cas unpacks the sleds and then jumps inside to start cooking. Jonesy stays outside securing the sleds and then cuts snow blocks

Picture 12

EP 35: Cas and Jonesy at the South Pole

Cas and Jonesy say hi from the South Pole.

Arrival at SP pic

The South Pole!

After 62 days, Cas and Jonesy have made it to the South Pole. They are about 10 days behind schedule so they will need to ski for longer days on the return leg of the journey to get back to Hercules Inlet. The last flight of the season leaves Antarctica on 27 January 2012, so […]