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Merry Christmas from Cas and Jonesy!

To get you in the Christmas mood, here’s a video from…


Windows 8 and Cas and Jonesy

Jonesy and I have recently partnered up with Microsoft as part of the global launch of the Windows 8 platform. We’re super excited about the direction Windows 8 is heading and it’s an honour to be associated with this leading company. Check out the TVC below:   And the longer version too: We’d be keen […]

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The Top End Tipple Challenge!

Check out probably our toughest challenge…a heli pub tour in the Northern Territory’s Top End!


Garmin Connect Challenge Ep 4-6

Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6


Garmin Connect Challenge Ep 1-3

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3


Garmin Connect Challenge Pre-training

Pre – training Episode  

Ski masters

Ski Masters…

On day 71 of an 89 day expedition down in Antarctica. Cas and Jonesy (well Jonesy in particular) shows off some of the “sick” ski technique they’ve learnt over the previous 1500km. Pick up your copy of the Crossing the Ice documentary HERE


Sunday Night reveal all

Reporter Alex Cullen greeted Cas and Jonesy on the ice to celebrate their record-making trek to the South Pole and back. In this exclusive interview, Cas and Jonesy reveal the highs and lows of their 89 day expedition and why it is something that they will remember forever.

Channel 7 news

Channel 7 News – Arrival in Sydney

Cas and Jonesy are greeted by a warm crowd at Sydney International Airport after their epic 89 day world first Antarctic expedition.

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EP 40: Update from Union Glacier

After 89 days, Cas and Jonesy accomplished their mission – to be the first people to ski unsupported from the South Pole and back. Now they are just waiting at Union Glacier to come home.

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EP 39: Cas and Jonesy pair up with The North Face

To survive the harsh elements of Antarctica, the guys needed quality, reliable, gear. The North Face partnered up with Cas and Jonesy for this world first expedition supplying them with their clothing and sleeping needs, and have been a key partner for their expedition.

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EP 38: Day 70 update

After 70 days on the ice, Cas and Jonesy are feeling hungry, tired and under pressure to get back to Hercules Inlet before the final flight of the season.

On the ice - profile

EP 37: Leaving Hercules Inlet

Step back in time and watch Cas and Jonesy’s first day on the Ice. The guys jump off the Twin Otter and commence their journey that has been almost 3 years in the making.

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EP 36: Cas and Jonesy’s daily routine

This is what Cas and Jonesy do everyday. Once the structure of the tent is up, Cas unpacks the sleds and then jumps inside to start cooking. Jonesy stays outside securing the sleds and then cuts snow blocks

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EP 35: Cas and Jonesy at the South Pole

Cas and Jonesy say hi from the South Pole.

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EP 34: Christmas Day

Cas and Jonesy spend Christmas day close to the South Pole – a long way from the comforts of the Aussie BBQ, backyard cricket and loved ones.