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EP 33: Time to change undies

Cas and Jonesy do some washing.


EP 32: Arrival at Hercules Inlet

From the beginning – watch Cas and Jonesy arrive at Hercules Inlet.


EP 31: New thermal day

After 7 weeks, Cas and Jonesy change their thermal shirts.

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EP 30: Centenary Cache

Cas talks about their cache located at 86 degrees.

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EP 29: Missing food

Cas and Jonesy had a delayed start to the journey when their food was not unloaded from the plane in Antarctica.

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EP 28: After a hard day’s skiing

Jonesy talks about what they do every day after they finish skiing.

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EP 27: Break time

Jonesy talks about their 10 minute breaks that they have on the trail.

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EP 26: A day on the ice

Cas and Jonesy show us the conditions they are up against on the ice. This video is about a week and a half old – the conditions on the ice have changed so much since this was filmed!

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EP 25: Day 34

Cas tells us what keeps their spirits up. Thanks for the support everyone!

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EP 24: Cas and Jonesy arrive in Antarctica

After almost 2 weeks of waiting in Chile, Cas and Jonesy finally arrive in Antarctica.

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EP 23: The waiting game is over

After almost 2 weeks of waiting, Cas and Jonesy finally depart for Antarctica.

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EP 22: A painful problem for Cas

Cas and Jonesy take a rest day to give Cas some time to recover.

The Waiting Game

Ep 21: The Waiting Game

The waiting game starts in Punta Arenas.


Ep 20: Torres Del Paine before departure

The guys head to the local national park for some trekking

James and all the bags

Ep 19: Cas and Jonesy arrive in Chile

Cas and Jonesy arrive in Chlie but not all their bags arrive with them.

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Cas and Jonesy on Sunday Night

Watch the story behind Crossing the Ice and why Cas and Jonesy continue to push the limits.