Head Scarf Design Competition


Cas and Jonesy are making a multi-purpose head scarf and we’d like your input.

For all you creative people, we want you to design a multi-function head scarf. The winning design will be printed and the designer will receive:
- A signed canvas print from Antarctica
- An adventure pack (all books and DVDs signed by Cas and Jonesy)
- 3 of your WINNING neck scarves
- Bragging rights!

The brief is pretty simple: we want a design that reflects Cas and Jonesy.
Whatever that means to you we want to see it. It could be a slogan, an illustration, a pattern or an emblem. It’s up to you. All we need to see is the Cas and Jonesy logo on their somewhere.

Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing…

The winning design could contain an element from or symbolise our expeditions, a slogan that captures the spirit of Cas and Jonesy, be inspired by nature and the outdoors, have statistics from their expeditions or have something to do with Jonesy’s love of pies or Cas’ long luscious locks of hair…


Can’t design a neck scarf but you are a bit of a wordsmith?

No problem! Simply submit a slogan you think suits Cas and Jones and would look good on a head scarf. If it’s good we’ll use it.

Technical Details:
- Your printable design must be no more than four colours.
- All files need to be in eps or jpeg format (300dpi -5MB maximum)
- Dimensions; 47cm x 25cm (double sided…it’s a tube!)

Simply submit your ideas to: info@casandjonesy.com.au

Enter as often as you like. Entries close September 20nd. We’ll list the top 5 finalists and get your votes via our facebook page to decide the winner. All finalists will receive a copy of both our documentaries and one of the final winning designs!

To download Cas and Jonesy logo. Click the below logo.

Casd and Jonesy Master Logo


One comment on “Head Scarf Design Competition

  • heath wallace says:

    G-day Gentlemen

    Some of the ideas we shared in Nepal Cas sounded good for the head scarfs maybe some thing like a mud map of your trips and a few interesting facts about the places you visited. Maybe statistics on how many steps/strokes it took how much fuel or green house gasses were used. how far you could have walked across europe with the same amount of steps it took to get to the south pole. quotes or take outs from the books or the messages of inspiration written on your tent in Antarctica. Things that people can sit around a camp fire and read and talk about or ride a chair lift and quiz one another on. could be a handy teaching tool for outdoor ed’er’s! I hope the Climb plans are progressing!

    Lifes a garden dig it/

    Heath Pup Wallace

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