Update: Keeping busy


Sorry guys, it’s been a while – so much has been happening!

A couple of weeks after returning from Antarctica we headed over to Thailand for Cas’ wedding. It was incredible – absolute paradise, oh.. and the climbing was pretty good as well! (Jonesy jumping in here – Cas is probably one of the only people to do multi pitch climb on the morning of his wedding!) – New Idea ran an exclusive story on the wedding which can be viewed HERE

Our bodies are recovering albeit slower than we’d like. It took us a good nine months to recover after the Tasman Crossing in 2008, so we’re trying to remain patient. Jonesy’s finger tips are still a little numb (nerve damage takes a long time to recover), Cas’ face has some scaring and we’re both feeling constantly fatigued – Antarctica took a lot out of us.

We’re flat stick at the moment- pedal to the floor! Cas is writing the book about the expedition¬†(Check out the front cover of the book below and let us know your thoughts!) and Jonesy is producing the documentary. Both are due for release in a few months time- August 2012. We’re also doing a heap of Corporate Speaking and sharing our presentation to audiences all over the place. If you’d like to book us for a presentation enquiries can be made here. Later in the year, we’re planning to do a series of public presentations all around Australia which we’ll be sure to let you know about.

We’re still in regular contact with Aleks Gamme who has turned into a friend for life. We shared a bond in Antarctica that we don’t think’ll ever be broken. We’re hoping the rasta-Norweigan will make it over to Australia some time soon.
That’s about all for now- speak soon!

Happy Adventuring!

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