Wow, I can’t believe this time last year we had our 18 XL North Face duffels packed and ready to depart on the biggest adventure of our lives. We had no idea what Antarctica was going to dish up and were eager to hook up to those bloody heavy sleds and start the long march south…. and back.
Twelve months on we find ourselves equally as manic for a completely different reason! Our book Extreme South has been going gang busters especially in the weeks leading up to Fathers Day. It was great to see Dymocks on George St, Sydney have a massive front of store display (see the pic!). If you haven’t yet picked up a copy, here are a few online reviews to check out:
Now that our Australia Tour has come to an end, our corporate keynotes are ensuring we’re getting plenty of time to travel round Australia (and next month the USA)- we’re on the road 3-4days most weeks. Although it’s tiring, we’re absolutely loving it.
We’re stoked to announce teaming up with Tourism NT as Tourism NT Ambassadors. We’ve always loved the top end and one of my very early “big” adventures was walking the Larapinta trail (223km in the Northern Territory) over 10 years ago. To kick things off, in a couple of weeks time we’ll be touring the top end with 1 lucky Facebook fan (& friend) for 5 days of adventure! CLICK HERE to enter your chance to join us!

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