Merry Christmas from Cas and Jonesy!

To get you in the Christmas mood, here’s a video from the 25th December 2011 on Day 57 of our expedition…



One comment on “Merry Christmas from Cas and Jonesy!

  • John Alexander says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’ve just finished ‘Extreme South’…a good story which I mostly enjoyed and of course was in awe of your ability to stick with it and complete the job, very well done! However one matter your prior research doesn’t seem to have turned up is that in 1996/7 summer a Norwegian, Borg Oursland, skied alone from the north east coast of Berkner Island to Scott Base, a distance of 2840km, completely unsupported. He did not go into the dome at the South Pole and refused a cup of coffee there when offered. Like you he camped well away from the station to avoid temptation! From the Pole to the McMurdo Ice Shelf he followed Amundsen’s route (the Axel Heiberg Glacier), an extremely difficult and dangerous route through the Trans Antarctic mountains. At the very least I would have though Eric Philips (who I met at Scott Base) would have known of this journey with his journey coming as it did only 3 years later but if he did he may not have passed it on to you. Anyway, while not wanting to rain on your parade I do like to see the facts correctly reported and the remarkable achievement of Borg Oursland not to go unnoticed. Check out his book ‘Alone Across Antarctica’ (ISBN 82-994379-1-1). Regards, John.

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