The start of 2013 has been MANIC! Aside from all the Corporate keynotes we’ve been doing, working on plans to release an exciting business on the back end of 2013, we’ve managed to keep pretty fit with plenty of trail running, climbing and canyoning through the summer.

Last weekend we competed in the Inaugural Australian SPARTAN RACE. It was a 7km course that clearly sets the benchmark for elite obstacle courses globally,  and was unlike anything Australians have experienced before- it was tough, gruelling, but more importantly it was AUTHENTIC. Some of the obstacles included crawling under barb wire, duelling with a Gladiator, spear throwing and crawling 6m up a hemp rope… oh and plenty of mud. Cas finished 11th (52mins) & Jonesy 134th (66min) out of a field of 5000. Jonesy was spewing that he was penalised with 90 burpees for failing obstacles (seriously…spear throwing!). Cas smashed all the obstacles…it must be that Spartan Greek blood!

With only a few months to go till Australia’s premier Ultra marathon- The North Face 100 & 50  we’re training hard to hopefully put in some good times. Jonesy is doing the full 100km (he’s got a bit of a score to settle from last time he ran it… he broke his leg 8km in and still managed to finish after an epic 18hrs!) and Cas is “only” doing the 50km race as… well… he’s getting old! (just kidding, his focus is on his climbing this year). Good times!

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