Cas has just returned from guiding a group in Nepal, celebrating the 60 Year Anniversary of Mt Everest being climbed. The trek began after a frightful twin otter flight into Lukla (which proudly boasts itself as ” the worlds most dangerous airport”). The trek wandered its way up the Khumba Valley, past Namche and up to the monastery at Thambouche. Joining the Everest celebrations were Australian climbing legends: Greg Mortimer & Bridget Muir. The day before the celebrations began, Cas took a group of “under 30′s” up to Ama¬†Dablam Base Camp (4600m) and on the way down to Thambouche, the pre-monsoon clouds parted and the tallest, proudest most stunning peak on earth revealed itself- Mt Everest. Wow.

60 hardy trekkers made it to the celebrations, where incredible stories of daring do, by both Bridgette & Greg inspired all. Absolutely unforgettable night.
Cas is now back in Australia and the boys are feverishly planning their next BIG adventure! More details to come soon….


One comment on “NEPAL

  • Lori says:

    Just watched the Nat Geo Crossing the Ice show. Thank you for filming your expedition, it was very inspirational – you guys are awesome! Looking forward to seeing what your next adventure will be and I hope it is aired on National Geographic.

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