The South Pole!

After 62 days, Cas and Jonesy have made it to the South Pole. They are about 10 days behind schedule so they will need to ski for longer days on the return leg of the journey to get back to Hercules Inlet. The last flight of the season leaves Antarctica on 27 January 2012, so the clock is really ticking.

Cas and Jonesy will be on rationed food for the remainder of the expedition as they will be on the ice longer than they expected. They have currently lost around 15-20 kg of weight, each.

While the conditions underfoot are good, the ground does not provide much glide – something that would speed up Cas and Jonesy’s progress. But it will be a nice change for them to ski downhill with the wind behind them and back down to warmer temperatures – ‘warmer being around minus 15 degrees’.

The weather over the last few days has been ‘confused’ as Jonesy described it. One minute, it is clear, then it’s cloudy, then clear, then misty. But one thing is for sure, it’s always cold.

Cas and Jonesy wish everyone a very happy New Years Eve and hope that you continue to follow their journey in 2012 as they bring it home for Australia!


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