TNF50 & TNF100


This year we lined up in the blue mountains for some trail running goodness! Jonesy was pumped for the TNF100 & Cas TNF50. The weather was perfect and the vibe awesome! You might remember a few years ago, Jonesy finished TNF100 in 2010 in an epic 19+ hrs.?! He had a good excuse… because he broke his leg 29km into the race and still finished the 100km! Animal! He had a beef with the run since then and was psyched to put in a good time in 2013. Gut-wrenchingly, due to injury he had to pull out at 38km this year making sure his vendetta with the race continues… 2014 watch out! Jonesy will be back with a massive chip on his shoulder!

Cas “only” ran the 50km this year. With 500 entrants at the start line, Cas was stoked to finish 18th (given his main focus this year has been his climbing) in a time of 5hrs 41mins. His plan was to go out hard (as the first half of the course was a faster leg than the 2nd 25km) and see if he could bring it home from there. All went well up to 25km (2hrs 15mins), then, he started to realise he’d banked cheques his body couldn’t pay for! The cramps started at 28km.. then he was able to limp & wobble home to the end.

All-in-all it was once again a brilliantly organised event by Tom at AROC, the team at The North Face and Todd’s crew taking photos on the course.


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