Waiting at Union Glacier

Waiting at Union Glacier

The last flight out of Antarctica for the season has been delayed until the 31st (at this stage). We are currently staying at the camp at Union Glacier and it’s been great (but sometimes a little overwhelming) to be around civilisation again. There are amenities, a huge mess tent, snowmobiles and people. It’s crazy to see so many people when for the last three months it’s just been us and vast amounts of empty, white landscapes.

We are on such a mental high at the moment. Words can’t even describe how we feel inside. Knowing we completed the expedition after such a challenging start, well, it almost makes us speechless!

To back track a little, we finished the expedition on the 26th of Jan (Chilean time), then because ALE (Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions) couldn’t get a plane to us due to the low contrast on the runway, we had to stay overnight at Hercules Inlet. The next day, the weather was still too poor to land, so ALE did a fly over and dropped us three days of food. It was pretty exciting to get some fresh meat but also disheartening because that meant they thought the weather wasn’t going to clear up for three more days.

However a small weather window appeared later on and the pilot decided that it was ok to land, so a few hours after the food drop, we were taken to Union Glacier. We were taken to Union Glacier where we got to change into some fresh clothes, have a long hot shower and eat some real food. We had a medical check which included a weigh in. Jonesy’s starting weight was 106 kg and now, 76 kg. Cas’ starting weight was 101 kg and now he’s also down to 76 kg. The medical check also revealed that we have no serious injuries.

So now all we do is wait.

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