Windows 8 Partnership Announced!

Jonesy and I have recently partnered up with Microsoft as part of the global launch of the Windows 8 platform. We’re super excited about the direction Windows 8 is heading and it’s an honour to be associated with this leading company. Over the coming weeks if you’re in Australia, you might see some TV commercials, PR and advertising campaigns showcasing our association.  We had a blast filming with the team and we hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of how we’re using Windows 8 to share our adventures and content.  To find out more read HERE.

We’re also featured in one of the Windows 8 television commercials that started airing today. To view the TVC, click on the link below:
We’re living in a time where the rapid pace that technology is evolving is having an refreshing impact on Adventure & Exploration.  This REALLY excites us. The real-time content (podcasts, blogs, pics & videos) that we’re now able to share from the most far flung corners of the planet we wouldn’t have dreamt possible a few years ago. We’ve found the new Windows 8 devices that you’ll start see popping up, have been designed to make the interaction between you and your computer an incredibly engaging & intuitive experience (it’s pretty cool editing photo’s on a 20inch touch screen tablet!). We’d be keen to hear what you think? send us an email HERE

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