You Can

You Can make a difference

Did you know cancer is the biggest disease killer of Australian teenagers? Or that in the last 25 years there has been virtually no improvement in survival outcomes for 15 – 30 year olds? And that your chance of surviving certain cancers is halved the day you turn 16?

In Australia, teenagers and young adults fall into the health gap. Like a forgotten generation those over 16 are currently treated in wards established with much older people in mind which has a profound impact on their treatment and their survival. Young adults need specialised care in an age-appropriate environment.

Sony Foundation, through their ‘You Can’ campaign, is committed to telling this story in the public arena and, together with the public, raising the $15 million needed to establish a network of specialised cancer facilities around Australia. These youth cancer centres will improve survival outcomes for 15 – 30 year olds and give young Aussies with cancer a fighting chance. Some will be built from scratch, others will be created by renovating existing wards. All will take a lot of hard work, money and commitment.

We’re using our expedition to raise awareness and funds for this important cause and we’d love you to join the fight against youth cancer. You can ‘Sponsor a Step’ of our journey in support of ‘You Can’, simply visit

Together, we can change the future for young Aussies with cancer.