August 2020


Another year full of adventure is drawing to a close! This year we’ve spoken at 62 conferences in 8 countries (Australia, NZ, Fiji, Vietnam, Dubai, Greece, Canada, USA) and clocked up a ridiculous total of 216 flights between us in 2013. Its been great to finish off the year with Jonesy presenting on the main stage at the Banff Mountain Film Festival with Aleks Gamme, and Cas presenting at TEDx in Athens. It blows us away that our presentations are still getting such a positive reaction from audiences. We’ve also just about to launch a new website dedicated to the speaking work that we do. More details on that soon!

We’re also stoked to announce we’ve recently teamed up with Yakima roof racks which has been an awesome partnership that has enabled us to load up our cars with all our outdoor toys. Awesome racks and gear…but even better they are a great crew to work with!

We’ve still managed to get out into the outdoors at every available opportunity!. In May we competed in the TNF50 & 100 (LINK:, plenty of overnight hiking trips, canyons and for Cas a bucket load of rock climbing. He’s now climbing harder than ever before (thanks to having moved up to the Blue Mts 15mths ago). Mid year, we filmed a super exciting pilot for a potential TV show for National Geographic in the USA, but for now that’s all we can say! More soon.

Aside from outdoor adventures, we’ve always believed that adventure is relative and can happen in all aspects of life. Jonesy is stoked to have proposed to his girlfriend (and she said YES!) and Cas has celebrated his sons first birthday.

As we’ve hinted on Facebook, we’re busy preparing for our next BIG expedition. These plans will be released early 2014. What adventures have you got planned for 2014? We’re keen to hear! Drop us an email.
Merry Xmas!
Cas & Jonesy

Since we returned back from the Tasman in 2008 our keynotes have taken us to far-flung corners all round Australia… and the world! We were honoured to be the closing speakers at a conference over in Dubai in April. What an insane place! The extravagance was absurd but awesome! We couldn’t resist the opportunity to go for a quick ski in the desert either, play at one of the worlds best waterparks (Atlantis), head up the Burj Kalif (worlds tallest building at 980m!). and, and…. so much to do in only 2 days!

We spent a couple of weeks in May over in the USA on a “micro” adventure which is the seed for our next BIG adventure. We’ve gotta remain tight lipped on this one… but all will be revealed soon! Any guess?

We’re in Antarctica! After 2.5years of planning, training, learning and fattening up we can’t believe we’re finally here.  For so long, we have been visualising what it was going to be like stepping foot in Antarctica- the driest, windiest, stormiest, coldest place on earth. Some people dream of being an astronaut, well this place is the next closest thing- it’s absolutely crazy! Stepping off the Ilyushin 76 aircraft and being blasted by the frigid minus 25 degree air was everything we imagined that moment was going to be like… and so much more.

On a more frustrating note, within a few hours of arriving here we were shattered to learnt that 50kg of our food was left in the belly of the plane! This has delayed our plans by 1/2 a day on top of the previous 12 day weather delay. Fortunately the next plane heading down has our provisions on board. Mistakes happen- I guess that’s all part of the adventure.

We plan on flying out to Herc Inlet tomorrow and commencing our long march South. Temperatures are currently hovering around -25 degrees Celsius and wind is quite benign. Conditions under foot are firm but we’re still pretty intimidated by the steep climb out of the inlet…we’re preparing ourselves for some of the toughest days we’ve ever experienced on an expedition. Even with the delay in starting, we feel that we still have the time to build slowly into the expedition and not flog ourselves too early. With 3mths ahead of us, we need to take the tortoise… not the hare approach, to allow our bodies to adapt to the stresses of being here.

Our pulks are all loaded up and to burn a bit of time (and energy), we went for a ski this afternoon with them fully loaded (minus the missing 50kg of food!) – bodies are feeling good. It’s 24hr sunlight for us now and I guess the excitement of being here and the cold air that literally burns your throat meant we didn’t sleep too well last night…. but we’re sure that’ll improve when we hit the trail!

Thank you so much for all the support, well wishes and Facebook messages- we’re receiving them on the ice (yep- i know how CRAZY!) so keep them coming!

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Cas and Jonesy are two Aussie Explorers constantly pushing the boundaries of human endurance.
Most recently, on the 26th January 2012, they made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. In 100 years of polar exploration no-one had EVER walked from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance. Many had tried, none had succeeded. After 89 gruelling days they made it back to the coast after having skied 2275km with everything they needed to survive in the harshest environment on Earth.
Four years earlier they Crossed the Ditch – paddling 3318km without assistance across the Tasman Sea for another world first. They braved 10 metre swells, howling winds, endured severe food and sleep deprivation and adverse winds and currents.

Two Aussie ExplorersThe boys are highly regarded as two of Australia’s premier public speakers and are currently working on their second book and documentary about their Antarctic expedition– due for release July 2012.
Read up on their expeditions here on this site, or leave a message of support on Facebook.