October 2020


Being away from the home soil is something that liberates the mind and body and urges a person to do crazy things. There always goes a saying, ”live it the moment” or “enjoy everyday like it’s your last”, but in reality, who can possible do that with a 9-5 job or college routine? However, these statements come to life when you’re travelling, seeing places, reaching destinations and doing things that are only in people’s bucket lists. It’s something about the place, the people, your backpack and your vibes that totally makes you do crazy things while traveling to different destinations, which helps you loosen up and “live the moment.”

Skydiving in Australia

Skydiving is one of those crazy activities that have literally made people pee their pants. Imagine seeing the world with a bird’s eye view and if you’re daring enough you can even record your experience. Having said that, it is not just an activity that is limited to Australia, however, the continent has some amazing spots that might catch our eye, like the Mission beach skydive that is 15000ft (4.57 km) where you can get a closer view of the Great Barrier Reef. You may also wanna try to do an indoor skydive Australia first to get yourself ready to taste the thrill.


Water Rappelling in Costa Rica

Rappelling and abseiling are kind of similar activity which requires you to catch on to your grip while you’re dangling on a rock face. It is the most fun activity, especially if you’re a fan of waterfalls and lush greenery around you, where you get to bounce like a Spider man down the waterfalls. Although there are hundreds and thousands of other places in the world, Costa Rica has some of the finest places for water rappelling.

Great White Sharks in South Africa

White Sharks are the most misunderstood creates of the sea. Although some cause no harm when tamed properly, others are equally dangerous. If you want to overcome your fear of dying with a shark bite, then this is the one place to overcome your scare and come nose-to-nose with the majestic creature. If you’re still skeptical about the situation, then you can try to scuba diving in the same place, and tick them out of your bucket list.

Night Volcano Trekking in Indonesia

Night volcano trekking sound like the best one thus far. If you find yourself in Yogyakarta — Java, Indonesia, and you’re heading to Bali, then don’t be boring by travelling by road or flying, but take the way of the hilly volcanoes in the night. While trekking past the volcanoes, you could witness the magical blue fires, and the sulfur flames.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing

If you’re a fan of mountains and love to clime the rocks, and take the pain of climbing for hours together to savor the view at the end of the climb, then this is the perfect activity for you. There is no particular place or destination where you ought to try them. It could even be as simple as trying at your hometown.

Livingstone is a town in Southwestern Zambia, just a few kilometers away from the Zambian River. This is a hub for some of the most adventurous travelers. This is a place where you can witness Victoria Falls, Mosi-oa-Tunya National park, which is surrounded by Zambia. This is a beautiful place that is sure to captivate you in its beauty.

Victoria Falls World Heritage National Monument Site

Victoria Falls is a part of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, located 11km away from the Zambian border crossing. This is a place which is very close to Eastern Cataract, which is very amazing, and the sheer buttress of the place is undeniable. This waterfall has a magnificent view which falls into the abyss. You can take a walk into the steep track to the great Zambezi River banks, which is considered a boiling pot. The dry season is the time where the waterfall is very low and can be nonexistent.

Victoria Falls

Devil’s pool

If you are a thrill seeker and are looking for a thrilling adventure, Devil’s pool is nature’s infinity pool, which is directly on the edge of Victoria Falls. This place will offer you some of the most extraordinary views and is a 100-foot direct drop. This is the place where the water is low during the winter months and makes it easier for people to walk across the place. If you are looking to seek this thrill, you need to come prepared with a guide.

Da Canton

Italian food is very tasty here, and you can easily enjoy the homemade Gelato, which the locals personally enjoy. This is an Italian place that has over 18 flavors of gelatos with classics and some original concoctions. The pasta made here is homemade and has mozzarella and tomato, which is a good value. You can also enjoy a few drinks, including Negronis, Bellini and Americanos.

Café Zambezi

Head straight through the courtyard, and enjoy the best time by the day and candlelit by night. This is one place that is bursting with local flavors and has a broad menu. The meat here is local, and you can get goal meat, smoky crocodile tail and Mopane caterpillars, pizzas, and others, which can allow you to enjoy the true flavors of the place.

Olga’s Italian Corner

Olga’s Italian Corner is a place that will allow you to enjoy some of the most authentic wood fire, thin-crust pizza with homemade sauce. It is served under a larger thatched roof. This is a great option for vegetarians, which also includes lasagna and has a crispy blackened edge served in the dish. There is always something delicious for everyone.