February 2021


Over the years, parasailing has turned out to become one of the most fun-filled and thrilling activities for all those water sports lovers. Of course, if you’re not a fan of the water sports, then we highly recommend you to stay away from it. It is one of the most thrilling water sports on earth where people are ticking it off their bucket list. If you’re a fan of the activity and are skeptical about the safety tips and measures, then stick till the end because we’ve jotted down the 10 parasailing tips for first time parasailers.

  1. When we’re talking of the adventurous activities, safety is of utmost importance and a top priority. Hence, before you book for a company, make sure they’re a member of the Water Sports Industry Association, and they abide by all the guidelines mentioned in the norm. They should specifically be trained and hold expertise in flight procedures, and boat handling.
  2. The activity consists of a lot of safety equipment including the life jacket, and a safety precaution, a body harness, and many more. Hence, while dealing with them, make sure you listen to the instructions carefully.
  3. Generally the parasailing height is about 400 feet (0.12 km) where communication with the crew becomes extremely difficult. Although they provide you with a microphone, it is safer to learn the hand signals, and the control of speed and direction of when to end the ride.
  4. If you’re wondering about what to wear, then the best outfit is a swimsuit or a bathing suit. Although, it does not matter what you wear, it is better to be comfortable so, you could wear shorts and t shirt.
  5. Speaking of the cost of the entire experience, including the boat ride, professionalism of the crew, safety and the equipment, the prices are reasonable across the world and the cheap ones are not usually safe and trust worthy.
  6. If you’re planning to visit a place that is especially famous for parasailing activity, then it is recommended to book three days in prior and 4-5 in prior if you’re going with a large group.
  7. The best time to go parasailing is in the morning, early morning, when the sun hasn’t reached the horizon as it is cooler and the wind and the water body is calmer.Prasailing
  8. That said, it is recommended to check the weather reports before making a reservation. Although the safety operators are generally aware of the weather and avoid sailing on days when rainfall and thunders are expected.
  9. Weight limit plays a crucial role. Usually, it is around 90 pounds (ca. 41 kg), but always find put about the weight limit and try to balance the same with your partner. The maximum weight is generally 450 pounds.
  10. Always make sure about the age limit. Usually the kid between the age six to 18 years ought to be accompanies by their parents or a guardian and sign a liability waiver. However, the ones above 21 years of age have no restrictions and are even free to do the activity by themselves.