May 2021


Online yoga classes have made it possible for most of us to exercise from home. You no longer need to pay for a studio membership or hire a trainer. You can now get classes for free on YouTube and find yoga videos for every level of skill.

Still, you need a well-equipped home studio to ensure proper yoga training, comfort, and safety. There are essential yoga accessories you must have in your studio. Here is a list of yoga tools and equipment you need:

1. Quality Yoga Mat

woman unrolling yoga matA yoga mat is one of the essential accessories in a yoga studio. There is a range of yoga mats in the market to select from but go for the best quality. Go for a yoga mat that has a strong grip for firm holding when you get sweaty. A good mat should also provide sufficient cushioning to prevent injuries when exercising. Lastly, it should be light to carry, especially if you are not practicing from home.

2. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are essential props for all levels of yoga practitioners. Whether a beginner or advanced yogi, you need these blocks to improve your alignment and enhance your exercises. You can use yoga blocks for handstands and many other moves that require arm extensions and support to the various body parts such as hips, back, head, etc. Go for lightweight, durable, and strong yoga blocks. You must also get the right height.

3. Yoga Straps

A yoga strap is another essential tool for effective yoga training. They are super versatile tools recommended for all levels of yoga practitioners. Yoga straps improve your alignment, especially if you have tight muscles. Yoga straps can be used to improve your arm balance for intense poses such as handstands and headstands. If your arms cannot stay in line with shoulders for handstands, you use a strap to adjust your elbows. Length, material, and closure types are the main factors to consider when buying yoga straps.

4. Yoga Bolsters/Pillows

young couple having tea after yoga on pillows

Bolsters, pillows, or cushions are simply for comfort when practicing your yoga poses. There are good seated practices where they support better alignment. Bolsters also offer many other benefits such as improved circulation, chest opening, and so on. There are many varieties of yoga bolsters to select from depending on the kind of poses you are practicing. There is zabuton, zafu crescent and the standard yoga bolsters, among others.

5. Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is another essential accessory for advanced levels. They are among the new props in yoga for advanced postures. They strengthen your core to enhance your flexibility and stability. You need a perfect wheel size for your body to enhance your alignment.

6. Exercise Balls

yoga trainer assisting woman on exercise ballThese large balls are basically used for core muscle strengthening, which is crucial in yoga. You can do a range of exercises with exercise balls to strengthen your back, abdominal, and pelvis muscles.

These are among the most common yoga essentials you need in your studio. But it is also important to mention that you must wear the recommended yoga clothing. Don’t forget to also put on appropriate yoga pants, tops and bras for your practice.