In today’s generation, everyone is a so-called “foodie”, that loves enfettering their taste buds on a a daily basis, without the slightest concern of health.

Savoring on tasty bites could go on for a day or two but it can never become a part of one’s lifestyle. Hence it is of utmost importance to eat healthy and incorporate those cuisines that follow the health norms and healthy food habits on a daily basis.

Whether India, Chinese or Malay, most of the Asian cuisines are enriched with potatoes, legumes, beans, fruits, and vegetables that are known to provide protection against various chronic diseases. In this article, we’re going to discuss the six reasons why considering an Asian cuisine is good for you.

Having soup

Most of the Asian cuisines consist of soups as a starter to enhance your appetite at the beginning of the meal. The soups are usually vegetable broth or meat broth that consists of a combination of protein like chicken, fish, or beef in combination with leafy vegetables like spinach and other vegetables. A combination of meat, vegetables, and a hot broth is comforting, filling and nutritious at the same time.

 3:1 ratio

3:1 ratio stands for three times the amount of vegetables to one time the amount of meat and it, is a hard and fast rule for the Asian cuisines to follow this ratio in all their meals. This gives the cuisine, an edge of healthiness with a choice of vegetable and also taste of the meat. This is the daily recommended amount of protein and vegetable intake according to the food pyramid. Use of smaller plates

Use of smaller plates help in controlling portion sizes. It is especially useful for the weight watchers that are trying to control their portion sizes on a daily basis. The use of chopsticks also adds to the eating aesthetics as well as keeps the technique of shovel eating at arm’s length. Use of Rice

Rice is an important staple diet for the Asians. The meal is always incomplete without rice and the rice is usually served with nutritious meat and vegetables. Depending on the country living in, there are various varieties of rice used with different healthy concentrations and values like red, brown, and even purple rice, which are nutritionally denser than the brown and white rice. Seafood

An Asian diet is almost incomplete without the use of sea food. Many parts of China, India and other countries use fish on a regular basis that adds to the healthy oils’ in the body and also serves as a source of lean protein.

 Herbs and spices

Not only do the Asian cuisines enhance the intake of vegetables and protein, but also include in the extensive use of herbs and spices that are enriched with medicinal properties. It is merely a necessity whilst adding flavor to the already nutritious and delicious food. India is known for using their spics extensively.


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