Moringa Oleifera is a tree native to Asia and Africa. In the last few decades, the tree’s popularity has grown fast after studies proved its incredible health and medicinal properties. The tree leaves and seeds are rich in a range of powerful nutrients, minerals, and bioactive components.

You can add moringa to your diet to enjoy its many health and medicinal benefits. Moringa leaves are rich in crude proteins, vitamins, dietary fibre, carbs, and many antioxidants, making it one of the best superfoods. In this guide, we have rounded up 10 of the best moringa recipes you can try in 2021.

1. Moringa Guacamole

Guacamole is probably one of the most popular salads in the hospitality industry. It’s an avocado-based salad that you can make at home with a lot of ease. The ingredients include, of course, the avocado plus tomatoes, salt, cumin, and diced peppers. Adding moringa gives this salad a unique feel and taste. To make moringa guacamole, you just need to add 2-4 teaspoons of moringa powder after your guacamole is ready. Mix and enjoy moringa the many health and medicinal benefits moringa offers.

2. Moringa Pesto

Pesto is a sauce that’s very popular in the food industry. Most people also make it at home because it’s easy to prepare. But you can make it better and healthier by adding moringa as one of the ingredients. The preparation of pesto is pretty easy. You just need the common ingredients: olive oil, fresh basil, pine nuts, and parmesan. Pound them together with cheese to make the green paste. Then add 3 teaspoons of moringa leaves powder before seasoning with pepper and salt. You will love the taste and flavour of this pesto.

Bowl of Pesto

3. Moringa Leaves Chicken

How do you cook your chicken? Well, you can make it tastier and better smelling and at the same time, improve your diet nutrition by adding moringa. Just like you make chicken, start with cooking the drumsticks. Once they are ready, put your vegetables such as spinach, coriander, plus fresh moringa leaves, and cooks a minute or until they wither. Then season with curry powder, red chilli, pepper, and ginger-garlic paste for a minute. That’s how you make a juicy moringa leaves chicken.

4. Moringa Bounty Balls

Need something sweet and healthy to start your day? Then we have a moringa bounty balls recipe for you. The preparation of these balls is pretty simple, and the list of ingredients is not big. What you need is a half cup of cashews, 1½ cups of shredded coconuts, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and 2 spoons of moringa powder. You also need maple syrup ad raw cacao powder. Blend all these ingredients together and make small balls. Coat in chocolate and freeze them for at least 30 minutes before eating.

5. Chunky Monkey Moringa Smoothie

Would you like some proteins in your chunky monkey smoothie? Well, you need to consider adding moringa to the list of ingredients. The preparation of the chunky monkey smoothie is pretty simple. You need bananas, cacao powder, peanut butter, pitted dates, almond milk, and moringa powder for the ingredients. Preparation process: put all ingredients in the blend and blend until it gets fine smooth. Then add almond milk. Your chunky monkey moringa smoothie will be ready for drinking.

fresh green veggie smoothie

6. Moringa lime Pie

This is another perfect food to start your day. You need to make this lime pie with cashew nuts or pecans, Medjool dates, lime, and avocado. You also need desiccated coconut, raw honey, and moringa powder. Start with the crust. Process the nuts until they make a fine crumb and then add other nutrients to form a dough. Make the crust from this dough. Then prepare fill by blending avocado, raw honey, lime, and others to form a smooth fill. Pour the fill on the crust and refrigerate to cool before eating.

7. Moringa Oatmeal

Make your breakfast superbly healthy with this moringa oatmeal recipe, also known as green oatmeal. Ingredients include rolled oats, almond milk, Marple syrup, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and moringa powder. Add rolled oats, almond milk, and vanilla extract in a pan and mix. The heat using medium heat and stir it occasionally till the milk is absorbed – should take around 7 minutes. Turn the heat and add the moringa powder and stir. That’s how you make moringa oatmeal.

8. Eggs With Moringa

This is another powerful breakfast to start your day. The egg with moringa recipe is pretty simple, just like cooking an egg. What you need are just the same ingredients as cooking eggs. Get eggs, salt, black pepper powder, green chillies, cheese, all-purpose flour, and moringa leaves. Heat a small amount of olive oil in the pan and add moringa leaves. Sprinkle some salt and cook the leaves till they wither. Then whisk the eggs along with flour, salt, green chillies, salt, plus other condiments and pour in the hot pan. Spread moringa leaves on the egg and bake for at least 10 minutes.

9. Moringa Spaghetti

spaghetti with pesto green sauce

If you love spaghetti, there is another way you can make it healthier and tastier. Try cooking the moringa spaghetti. The ingredients include spaghetti, onions, tomatoes, pound pasta, olive oil, pepper and salt, parmesan cheese, and moringa leaves. Put sliced tomatoes in the pan, and add salt, pepper, and olive oil. Roast till the tomato skin shrivels. Cook the spaghetti and mix it with roasted tomatoes. Add moringa leaves and allow hot spaghetti to wilt it. Add pasta water, and your moringa spaghetti is ready for serving.

10. Moringa Banana Pancake

This is a perfect recipe for preparing breakfast pancakes. You need a ripe banana, vanilla, shredded coconut, cinnamon, coconut flour, and moringa powder. The preparation process is pretty simple. Mash all ingredients, including moringa flour, and pour them in a heated pan at medium heat. Heat control is crucial. Cook for at least five minutes, flip for the other side to cook. That’s how you cook a healthy banana moringa pancake for breakfast.


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