If you are an avid traveler and a foodie, you know that there are variety of food in the world that one should try. We are trying to bring you some of the lesser-known food which people need to try at least once. Here are a few iconic foods in the countries of origin.

Meat Pie

If you are going to visit Australia, this is the best thing to try out. This is an Australian Meat pie that is consumed by millions in Australia is a delicacy. This is warm food that is topped with chilled tomato sauces and served hot, filled with flavors.


Apfelstrudel is An Austrian version of the Apple pie. This is a pie that has a tart apple paired with sweet pastry dough, which is delicious. This is a food that people there love to eat, especially when combined with the afternoon café.

Moules Frites

In Belgium, it is common to consume Mussels and Fries. This is the same as eating burgers and fries. This is a simple way to enjoy plain, steamed mussels with a few spice additions. This is a must-try when in Belgium.



This is a dessert, which is a type f pudding that everyone can enjoy. This is a dessert which many people in Brazil enjoy. This is a dessert that is just like flan but has a much denser and creamier texture.


Poutine is one of the most loved dishes in Canada; it has gravy fries and cheese curds. This is something that people would love to eat, and with every diner, you will find a different variation of the same. You can find sweet, savory options depending on what you would like to eat on that day.


Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and kidney pie is made out of lamb and pork kidneys, and it is one of the most delicious foods found in England. This pie has delicious flavors that melt in your mouth and can allow you to be prepared for the spicy kick. This dish can be consumed anytime you like, and it is important that you consume the ones made fresh.

Steak and Kidney Pie

Squeaky cheese

This is one of the most unlikely additions to the list but is something that everyone would like to eat. This is a mild cheese that is most commonly pan-fried and is served with cloudberry jam. This is consumed as a form of dessert alongside coffee.


When in France, Macarons are a must. Macarons are delicate cookies that come in a variety of flavors and are quite difficult to make. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and find a fancy pastry shop where you can enjoy them.


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