People who like adventures can have a break from daily stress, which can help improve lives. There are many studies which show that adventure is as important as play is t children. It is estimated that a number of people are going through a 10% global gross domestic product. Here are a few places that you can visit when looking for the place for adventurous travel.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one country that has some of the best temple ruins, leafy plantations, and golden beaches, which is sure to mesmerize you. It is also one place where you, in particular, will have to consider tons of options for wildlife viewing. In Sri Lanka, you can enjoy surfing, wildlife viewing, hot air balloon ride, etc.


Botswana has plenty of national parks, which can draw millions of people from all around the world. This is a 49 million acre river which is situated in Northern Botswana. This is an area that is considered to be real-world Eden with Cheetahs, Zebras, Buffalo, and others. During the winters, there is a lot of flooding in the areas where the grasses low and a lot of wildlife thrive. You can start your adventure with camping in the Kubu Island, which zooms across Makgadikagadi Salt pans.


The Machu Picchu panoramic view is something that you need to visit once. This is a country that has a lot to offer, from Incan ruins to climbing the iconic citadel. After you have crossed that off your list, you can start hiking past penguins in the Paracas Natural Reserve, where you can boat to the islands and enjoy the oasis in the Ica desert.



Iceland is a place for landscape beauty where many astronauts train. This is a place for adventure as this country has a lot to offer with fire and ice. There is a snow-capped volcano, which was the inspiration for the journey to the earth’s center. You can opt for snorkeling between two continents in Iceland and explore the glacier underground ice caves and hiking behind waterfalls.


Canada has become the world’s second-largest country, depending on its size but with the population, which is 82% of California. This is a place where you can hike, bike, ski, paddle anywhere in the country. You can easily start a trail with a 14,864-mile network that is the longest recreational trail in the world. You can spot polar bears, go boating in past glaciers, mountains, national parks and enjoy the Northern Lights in Yellowknife.


Brazil is famous for its Rio’s famous carnival, which inhabits the largest party and is also known for its adventure. It is a paradise for outdoor explorers who can enjoy one of the largest waterfall systems and the Amazon, which has both rivers and rainforest.