Want to join Cas & Jonesy with a FREE ENTRY in to the world’s largest, toughest and most competitive obstacle race?
The Spartan Race has landed in Australia with the first race kicking-off just outta Sydney on Saturday 2nd March, 2013. The Spartan Race sets the benchmark for elite obstacle courses globally, and will be unlike anything Australians have experienced before. Competitors will be timed, ranked and judged as they battle their way through the brutal course. They won’t throw colour, they won’t ride water slides; but they will be penalised for any obstacle they don’t conquer on the first try.

Interested? Jump on our facebook page (LINK: www.facebook.com/casandjonesy) and post a pic of you getting ugly in the outdoors.
it can be any photo… walking in the rain, climbing,… whatever shows you getting outside and getting dirty. The winning 2 photo’s will receive a free entry and will compete alongside Cas and Jonesy.


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